Benchtop synthesizers offer critical testing of RF/microwave components and systems

05-06-2019 | Micro Lambda | Test & Measurement

Micro Lambda Wireless has increased the production of their high-performance benchtop frequency synthesizers. In sync with their evolving catalogue of YIG synthesizer components, their custom-tuned benchtop YIG synthesizer line now provides RF and microwave designers working at frequencies up to 20GHz the chance to upgrade their test benches with the best technology at their specific bands.

Providing up to -125dBc/Hz@10kHz offset phase noise at a carrier frequency of 10GHz, these frequency synthesizers set a high standard for phase noise performance. They are also capable of tuning speeds up to 50uS over wide bands, and provide output power levels of +15dBm, with power levelling in frequency bands up to 10GHz.

These synthesizers are LABVIEW-compatible, and CE certified, and consist of a frequency synthesizer, AC power supply, heat sink with fan, keypad, tuning knob, frequency display and driver circuitry – all housed in a compact, durable bench top box measuring just 4" x 10" x 13". Units are manually tunable over the specified frequency range by choice of a mechanical knob, keypad, or via USB or Ethernet connection.

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