Bench power supply with simple interface for easy access to information

05-06-2019 | RS Components | Power

The Keysight Technologies AC6801B is an AC6800B series basic AC power source. This device, available now from RS Components, is used for voltage, power, current, AC, DC and AC+DC measurements.

The device's simple user interface enables easy access for viewing setup and measurement information directly from the front panel or programmatically. Just click through the metering options to adjust the display to show measurement priorities and expanding levels of details. The basic AC power source is employed for simple tasks such as simulating global AC power conditions, testing varying frequency and voltage combinations to simulate real-world conditions plus Power factor correction testing and similar AC + DC applications. An example would be to test your input circuitry to look at ripple voltage. The device comes with a three-year warranty.

Operating temperature range from 0C to 40C (non-condensing). The dimensions (depth includes barrier block safety cover) is 428mm x 128mm x 370mm and weighs 8kg.

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