Ultra-compact EMI/RFI shield clips for modern space-constrained electronic designs

15-05-2019 | Harwin | Subs & Systems

Covering a surface area of only 2.3mm x 1.2mm and with a 2mm height, Harwin’s S0911-46R shield can clip is claimed to be the smallest surface mount EMI/RFI shield clip available on the market. It is much better at meeting the requirements being set by the newest generation of high-density electronic systems. This ultra-compact product, which has a Beryllium Copper construction with tin over nickel-plating, allows shielding cans with sides of just 1mm in length to be fitted, so that minimal board real estate is taken up. Created for 0.2mm can thicknesses, it is ideal for cans with complex shapes.

The product is accompanied by the S0921-46R corner shield can clip, which offers further shielding at the corner gaps of cans. This clip component can accommodate the company's larger thickness shield cans (0.3mm thick), with each corner clip taking up just 6mm squared of PCB surface area.

The shield clips are aimed at use in electronics designs where space is severely restricted, such as wearable devices, IoT equipment and portable consumer products. Their compact design means that they are ideal for a wide array of different applications. An operational temperature range covering -55C to +105C is supported, to assure that the highest degrees of reliability are supported.

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