Surge protection industrial eFuses offer features that simplify system designs

21-05-2019 | Texas Instruments | Passives

Texas Instruments TPS2663x Surge Protection Industrial eFuses offer ease-of-use and positive 60V and 6A eFuse with a 31mOhm integrated FET. The fuses highlight a B-FET driver to manage an external N-channel FET in the system designs that need protection from input reverse polarity faults and reverse current blocking.

The device includes protection features that simplify system designs needing protection. This is crucial during system tests like IEC61000-4-5 industrial surge tests. Also, the eFuses offer an adjustable output power limiting (PLIM) functionality that simplifies the system design needing compliance in accordance with the standards like IEC61010-1 and UL1310. Protection features are widespread on the device and incorporate adjustable overcurrent protection, output slew rate control, overvoltage protection, fast short circuit protection, and under-voltage lockout.

The eFuses offer fault and a precise current monitor output allowing system status monitoring and downstream load control. PGOOD can be applied to enable and disable control of the downstream DC-DC converters. Configuring the device using the MODE pin provides flexibility between the two current-limiting fault responses (latch off and auto-retry).

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