Revolutionary 3D digital display technology just launched

09-05-2019 | Vision Engineering | Test & Measurement

Vision Engineering Ltd has launched a revolutionary digital 3D stereoscopic display technology. Unlike traditional mono digital microscopes, the company’s DRV creates stereo high definition 3D images without employing a monitor or needing operators to wear headsets or specialist glasses as images ‘float’ in front of a mirror.

Using the company’s patented TriTeQ3 digital 3D display technology, the DRV-Z1 (Zoom model 1) includes a microscope and is the first device of its class to be released by the business.

Created to meet quality control and assurance demands in sectors including aerospace, electronics, automotive and medical industries, the device carries on the company’s 60-year long tradition of producing ergonomic, high-quality visual inspection and metrology systems that decrease operator fatigue and increase accuracy, consistency and productivity.

Commenting on the technological breakthrough, Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering’s sales and marketing director said, “TriTeQ3 blends Vision Engineering’s long-established, industry-proven and award-winning optical stereoscopic technologies and digital monoscopic technologies. DRV-Z1 delivers a technological breakthrough, and is a game changer for inspection and quality control processes.”

Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering said, “Over the past 60 years Vision Engineering has built its reputation on the innovation, quality, performance and ergonomics of our visual inspection and metrology systems. DRV-Z1 provides enhanced 3D visualisation and overcomes current problems with 3D modelling and inspection systems. By amalgamating our existing technologies, we’ve delivered an entirely new concept to our existing customer base, as well as opening up opportunities in fresh markets.”

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