PCB connectors quickly delivered in any length with up to 170 contacts

31-05-2019 | Lane Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Lane Electronics now offer Edgecard PCB connectors manufactured by their sister lodge Group company Weald Electronics. These are 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch board to board edge connectors which can be provided cut to any necessary length on very short lead times.

Manufactured in the UK, the connectors are fit for PCBs with a thickness between 1.4mm to 1.7mm. They can be provided single or double-sided with four to 170 cantilever or bifurcated contacts. Contacts are copper alloy plated with a hard acid gold and ideal for vapour phase soldering.

The connectors provide a versatile solution to many PCB to PCB applications due to the availability of various special extended board terminations including 90-degree tails. The company has created these Edgecard connectors to give up to 250 mating cycles.

These connectors can be provided with plastic or metal mounting feet as well as polarising keys. There is also a selection of three termination styles: discrete wire, straight pc and wire wrap.

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