Lens array with mirror developed for optical transceivers

21-05-2019 | Alps | Subs & Systems

Alps Alpine has developed the FLHL2 Series Lens Array with Mirror for optical transceivers that are employed, for example, in optical networks for data centres.

The current rise in application of IoT technology and artificial intelligence points to a possible threefold increase in global IP traffic will be buoyed further by other trends, such as the introduction of 5G mobile and wireless networks. Optical transceivers used in buildings like data centres will need to be much faster and have higher density, necessitating even greater size reductions and high-density mounting of the components inside them.

Responding to these needs, the company has developed the new series, with a 0.75mm lens pitch and dimensions of 1.3mm x 1.3mm x 3.5mm (HxWxL), which combines condenser lens and mirror components of an optical transceiver receiver. Lenses and mirror before had to be positioned independently to convey light to the photodiode. Combining these two components serves to lessen the number of parts and shorten the optical distance, thereby adding to downsizing of optical transceivers. Cutting the number of components also lessens the work needed for transceiver assembly, leading to lower costs.

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