HV connector designed for class 3 hybrid and electric vehicle battery applications

09-05-2019 | TE Connectivity | Automotive & Transport

TE Connectivity has introduced its AMP+ HVA 1200 HV Terminal and Connector System. The device is a notable enhancement to the company’s range of high-voltage connectors for all-electric and hybrid vehicles.

With the new HV terminal and connector system (HVA 1200) automotive manufacturers profit from a high-performance interconnection system for their next-generation vehicles. With a voltage rating of up to 1.000V and a current carrying ability of 100A at 85C, the connector system is specially created to assure a safe and secure connection between the charging interface, the on-board charger and the battery.

The system offers a single header, and two plugs deployable in both straight and right-angle connector uses. At its core is a recently designed PCON 12 HV terminal supporting a wire range from 5mm<sup>2</sup> to 16mm<sup>2</sup>.

For maximum flexibility, the header can be mated with 90 and 180-degree plugs. Also, the system provides critical built-in and UL-certified finger protection for HV touch safety.

“We are excited to be introducing our AMP+ HVA 1200 HV terminal and connector system to the market. We expect OEMs and device manufacturers to welcome its smart design for HV safety, performance, flexibility as well as ease-of-assembly,” says Sandra Kraft, product manager at TE. "The compact packaging, UL-certified moulded-in touch safety, together with its high modularity and flexibility, makes it a complete and robust solution for high-voltage interconnections enabling next-generation mobility.”

By Natasha Shek