High-temperature thyristors ideal for automotive voltage regulators and industrial power supplies

22-05-2019 | Rutronik | Passives

STMicroelectronics TN1605H-6G/6T thyristors, available now from Rutronik, are high-temperature silicon-controlled rectifiers created to increase the reliability of applications including overvoltage crowbar protection and motor control circuits. They can function as AC phasing inverters, AC switches, and AC/DC controlled rectifier bridges.

Key features of the families are a voltage robustness up to 1200V, a high noise immunity (dV/dt = 200V/µs up to 150C) and the low power dissipation performance at 150C junction temperature. They have an extremely low gate-triggering current and a peak off-state voltage from 600V up to 1200V. Their maximum on-state current ranges from 12A to 50A. This combination provides strong and compact control circuit designs, which assist in decreasing costs by utilising smaller heatsinks. 

Target applications are, therefore, voltage regulators in motorbikes, automotive stationary battery chargers, uninterruptible industrial power supplies, power supplies and motor drive applications. 

The SCRs are offered in SMD as well as through-hole-isolated and non-isolated packages.

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