Extensive range of LED optics for IR and UV applications

15-05-2019 | Anglia | Lighting Technologies

Anglia has added an extensive range of secondary optics to its LED lighting portfolio by adding Khatod reflectors, lenses, diffusers and other accessories for LED Lighting, IR and UV applications.

Commenting, David Pearson, technical director of Anglia, said, “Anglia offers a broad range of LED products for creating light – but that light still needs to be adapted, directed and optimised to the requirements of the final application. Using appropriate optics can increase the amount of useable light available in the system and also protect the light source against potential damage. This is what Khatod products do. Its lenses and reflectors are the perfect complement to our established optical portfolio and help us provide our LED lighting clients with a more complete solution.”

Giuliano Cassataro, Sales Manager at Khatod added, “Khatod is investing heavily in the further development of optical products, with a focus on energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes. Anglia is the perfect UK channel partner to help us take these innovative solutions to market. The company already offers many complementary products and we believe that our new partnership will benefit Anglia’s customers, Anglia and Khatod.”

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