Bluetooth IoT design competition now open for design idea submissions

28-05-2019 | RS Components | Design Applications

RS Components has announced ‘Make With Mesh’, a new design challenge based round IoT Bluetooth technologies, in partnership with Cypress Semiconductor.

The competition stimulates creative minds to see what variety of projects they can produce based around one, or both, or even multiple units of Cypress’ new Bluetooth IoT boards, especially the EZ-BT Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit and the CYW20819 Bluetooth 5.0 Arduino Evaluation Board, both available from RS Components.

In the first phase of the competition, open until 7th June, participants are asked to give a brief description of their idea or project; which of the kits are being purposed for the project, i.e. the Mesh kit or the Arduino Eval Board or both; the Bluetooth technology that will be used including BLE, Mesh, or Classic, or various technologies; plus some information on how users will interact with the project,for example, a mobile app or cloud dashboard.

In the second phase of the contest, which will run from 21st June to 2nd August, free Cypress development kits will be offered to 25 selected submissions from the first phase. However, participants who have not had their synopsis chosen, or have missed the first phase of the competition, can still engage in phase two utilising their own kits. This second stage will ultimately expect participants to present an article on DesignSpark with a completed overview of the project, including project documentation, a list of materials, code, and block diagrams.

The winner of the challenge will win a £500 shopping basket of products available from the company, along with £120 worth of Cypress products. There will also be two runners-up prizes worth up to £120 of Cypress products that are in stock at the company. Final project judging will take place after 2nd August with the winning entries anticipated to be announced in mid-August.

By Natasha Shek