BAW technology achieves stable and secure communications infrastructure and connectivity

17-04-2019 | Texas Instruments | Passives

Texas Instruments Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Technology is intended to implement stable, secure and high-performance communications infrastructure and connectivity. BAW is a micro-resonator technology allowing the integration of high-precision and ultra-low jitter clocks straight into packages that include other circuits. A cleaner wired and wireless signal is produced by a crystal-less package over networks. There are further design options and flexibility in a broader variety of applications and environments with a simplified design integrated on a single chip.

The LMK05318 is a BAW-based network synchronizer, that can be utilised in combination with quartz crystals to eliminate digital noise or jitter from input signals in the communication sub-system of wired or wireless infrastructure hardware in data centre core networks. The digital noise removal benefits telecom systems such as 5G networks.

The oscillator provides reliable, high-accuracy timing and wakes up 100 times quicker than quartz crystals. The technology can be employed to better network performance and improve immunity to vibration and shock in a broad variety of applications. The company's resonator technology allows high-performance, highly accurate resonators, which when combined into the MCU package remove the requirement for external quartz crystals without compromising power, latency or frequency stability.

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