Power quality analyser for easy investigations of power characteristics

09-04-2019 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig now offers the Hioki PQ3198 Power Quality Analyser, which can be used for evaluating power usage as well as for examining power supply problems such as voltage drops, harmonics, flicker, and other electrical issues, so that their causes can be swiftly investigated. The company's portable power analysers can measure single to three-phase lines with precision and accuracy. New features comprise the capability to drive current sensors right from the analyser with enhanced recording capabilities.

The PQ3198 analyser is able to be used for single-phase two-wire or three-wire, three-phase three-wire or four-wire plus one extra input channel for voltage, current, power measurement (AC or DC). Sampling at 2MHz, voltages up to 600Vrms (transients to 6kV peak) and currents from 500mA to 5kA can be supported, dependent on the chosen sensor. Comprehensive power analysis of various parameters can be made by the IEC61000-4-30 Class A standard with high accuracy and continuous gapless recording. Voltage dips, inrush, swell, transients to 0.5us, flicker, distortion, harmonics, K factor, etc., can all be analysed and presented via the 6.5" TFT LCD. The broadband voltage range enables high-order harmonic component measurements up to 80kHz. In addition to 50/60Hz, the device can measure a line 400Hz frequency. An arbitrary battery pack provides continuous isolated use for up to 180 minutes.

The analyser offers robust critical support for field personnel who need to analyse power characteristics, reliably capturing a broad range of power anomalies with exceptional ease of use. Applications comprise verifying the power quality of EV rapid chargers, assessing light flicker issues, testing for abnormal waveforms when switching to UPS power, detecting intermittent or poor quality power feeds, solar power quality surveys, etc.

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