Fill level management in the IoT

15-04-2019 | Pepperl+Fuchs | Test & Measurement

Pepperl+Fuchs has released a level sensor, which transmits its data to a secure remote station in the IIoT. The sensor WILSEN.sonic.level is bundled into a starter package with the WILSEN.service and a business data platform, making it simpler to obtain an introduction to the technology. This enables users to more swiftly determine the value of the IoT system for their own company.IoT-Sensor WILSEN.sonic.level.

With the WILSEN.sonic.level, the company offers an ultrasonic wireless sensor for monitoring fill levels in mobile containers, tanks and silos. Also, the battery-operated device defines the geolocation of the container and transmits the collected data via a GSM or LoRaWAN connection to a designated collection point on the Internet. The WILSEN.service not only assures the secure exchange of data but also provides centralised management of all IoT sensors in the field. In turn, software systems and data platforms for business data processing can be connected to the service.

The company has compiled an entry-level starter kit that comprises all of the components needed to create a working IoT system. This time-limited, fixed-cost package enables interested parties to get started with the IoT even without prior knowledge so that they can gain experience in their own process environment as speedily as possible.

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