Clamps facilitate sensor and equipment mounting systems

16-04-2019 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

Elesa clamps, tubes, rods and gears provide quick, robust solutions to problems of controlling machine processes whether positioning a sensor or a visual inspection system, a micro-switch or an actuator. Typically, they are ideal for application in the packaging, food processing and textile machinery industries where they have demonstrated their value for many years with new products being frequently added for more specialist installations. The company's extensive system of mounting clamps, rods and tubes provide quality engineering to allow location of devices often suspended somewhat in space by offering a supporting framework. The range is modular in design which enables selection easy, so rods/tubes can quickly be matched with connecting clamps with/without base or flanges to ensure solid mounting on floors or structural elements. Linear connecting rods, angle clamps, actuating gears, clamp handles and two-way connecting clamps consist a full system of standard mounting components.

By Electropages Admin