Low-power, high-precision CMOS voltage reference delivers low operating current

13-03-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

The REF34xx-EP device, from Texas Instruments, is a low-temperature drift (10 ppm/C), low-power, high-precision CMOS voltage reference which features ±0.05% initial accuracy, and low operating current with power consumption of less than 95µA. This device also provides very low output noise of 3.8µVp-p/V, which allows its ability to sustain high signal integrity with high-resolution data converters in noise critical systems. With a small SOT-23 package, the device provides enhanced specifications and pin-to-pin replacement for MAX607x and ADR34xx. The family is compatible with most ADC and DAC.

The small size and low operating current of the devices (95µA) can help portable and battery-powered applications.

The device is specified for the broad temperature range of –55C to 125C.

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