BAW technology shrinks BOM and improves network performance

01-03-2019 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments offers new BAW-based embedded processing and analog chips for the next generation of connectivity and communications infrastructure. The first two devices developed with the company's BAW technology, the SimpleLink CC2652RB wireless MCU and the LMK05318 network synchronizer clock will assist system designers to streamline design logistics for faster time to market while facilitating stable, simplified and high-performance data delivery, which allows for potential overall development and system cost savings.

The new devices with the company's BAW resonator technology combine reference clocking resonators to offer the highest frequency in a small form factor. This higher level of integration enhances performance and improves resistance to mechanical stresses, such as vibration and shock. As a result of stable data transmission offered by the technology, data synchronisation of wired and wireless signals is more precise and provides for continuous transmission, which suggests data can be processed quickly and seamlessly to maximize efficiency.

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