New isolated ICs ensure precise current and voltage measurements

20-03-2019 | Silicon Labs | Semiconductors

Silicon Labs has launched a family of isolated analog amplifiers, voltage sensors and delta-sigma modulator devices intended to produce accurate current and voltage measurement with very low drift across temperature. Based on the company’s third-generation isolation technology, the new Si89xx family offers flexible voltage, current, output and package options to assist developers lessen BOM cost and shrink board space for a broad range of industrial and green-energy applications including EV battery management and charging systems, DC-DC converters, and motor, solar and wind turbine inverters.

“Our first and second generation mixed-signal isolation technologies have driven the strong market success of our digital isolation products over the past decade, and our third-generation technology used in the new Si89xx devices raises the bar even higher,” said Brian Mirkin, vice president and general manager of Silicon Labs’ power products. “Our isolation products continue to replace traditional optocouplers and outperform competing digital isolators, enabling higher surge performance, reliability, integration and best-in-class safety for system designs requiring protection from high voltages.”

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