Hybrid digital power modules offer high power density and efficiency

19-03-2019 | Renesas | Power

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced a pair of new encapsulated hybrid digital DC-DC PMBus power modules, the 10A ISL8280M and 15A ISL8282M. The hybrid digital power modules provide best-in-class power density of 115mA/mm2 in a 12mm x 11mm package, with up to 95% peak efficiency. They are complete single-channel, synchronous step-down regulated power supplies that work over a broad input voltage range of 5V to 16V.

Also offered are the new ISL8210M and ISL8212M analog power modules, provided in the same pin-to-pin compatible 12mm x 11mm package with 10A and 15A of output current, respectively. The hybrid digital and analog power modules offer POL conversion for advanced DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs and memory used in storage, servers, optical networking, telecom, and a wide range of space-constrained industrial applications. Each device combines a PWM controller, MOSFETs, and inductor inside a new thermally optimised, GHDA encapsulated module. To complete the power supply, designers simply add input and output ceramic capacitors.

“Our newest power modules expand Renesas’ growing portfolio, adding new capabilities to our performance analog module family and bridging the gap between them and our full digital power modules,” said Philip Chesley, vice president, Industrial Analog and Power Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The new hybrid digital power modules offer class-leading power density and efficiency not achievable with discrete components. Compared to competitors’ module designs, the new Grid HDA package makes it easier for customers to mount the module on their circuit board.”

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