Constant current LED drivers are easy-to-use, reliable and cost-efficient

29-03-2019 | Nexperia | Automotive Technologies

Nexperia has increased its constant current LED driver family with eight new AEC-Q101 qualified devices to drive low and medium-power LEDs up to 250mA. The 16V NCR32xx and 40V NCR42xx series are offered in two package styles, the space-saving SOT457 (SC-74) and the SOT223 (SC-73), a slightly-bigger option which provides a higher-power capability of up to 1250mW.

The new LED drivers provide an accurate, stabilised output current of 10mA with no external resistor; if an external resistor is employed then the output current is adjustable up to 250mA. Voltage overhead is low at 1.4V. For added ruggedness, the junction temperature of the drivers is 150C.

Joachim Stange, product manager bipolar transistors at Nexperia: “Our growing portfolio of LED drivers addresses the rapidly-expanding market for LEDs in automotive, white goods and consumer applications. Capable of being paralleled, the new NCR32x and NCR42x series are ideally suited to constant current source and automotive applications including interior and exterior lighting such as door handles, dashboards, number plates, indicators and rear lights.”

These new LED drivers are serving the company's primary market automotive and will expand its already wide portfolio of AEC-Q101 qualified parts.

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