Compact power inductors for use within in-vehicle applications

18-03-2019 | Murata | Passives

Murata has added to its DFE series of power inductors that have been developed particularly for use within in-vehicle applications such as ADAS, automotive infotainment systems and power-train components. Offering what is claimed to be the industry’s highest levels of ESD surge voltage protection, the compact AEC-Q200 compliant devices offer high insulation and ESD characteristics. The DFE2HCAH series measures 2.5mm x 2mm x 1.2mm and provides 1kV protection, and the DFE2MCAH series measures 2mm x 1.6mm x 1.2mm and is rated at 500V ESD protection. Both series are fabricated using the company's metal alloy material and accommodate the automotive operating temperature range from -40C to +150C.

In addition to the high ESD protection features the compact dimensions of the new power inductors ensure the minimum of PCB space is needed, assisting designers in accommodating today’s space-constrained applications. Inductance values offered are in the range of 0.33µH to 2.2µH with a value-dependent maximum current rating of 5.8A.

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