Limit switch with integrated LED status indication

15-03-2019 | Microprecision | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

These devices with integrated LED status indicator have been created for use at 24V in industrial automation applications. They provide simple, visual control of the switching function, which can be very awkward to perform, especially when the switch is mounted far away from the connected controller. Also, a broken cable will be immediately recognisable. The LED aids the intuitive calibration and adjustment during installation of the switching point in the field. For easy connection to a sensor box, the switch is typically equipped with a 4-pin M12 cable connector interface. Other interface options such as a built-in M8 connector or a simple PVC cable are also offered.

The standard series switches are sealed up to IP68, qualifying them for outdoor applications, for use under spray water and in full immersion (up to 20m depth). They also provide the feasibility of switching two fully separate circuits (dual break). They are certified according to UL/EN standards for up to 15A and suitable for temperatures up to 130C (266F).

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