Revolutionary Edge data centre switching

14-03-2019 | Marvell | Subs & Systems

Marvell has announced a breakthrough Ethernet switch solution portfolio, ranging from 2Tbps to 12.8Tbps, created for edge and private data centres utilising composable infrastructure. The Marvell Prestera CX 8500 family is architected with a robust feature-set to meet the unique data centre demands needed to support the approaching tsunami of connected intelligence, edge computing and 5G applications. The company portfolio signifies a revolutionary approach to data centre architectures with features allowing unprecedented workflow visibility, analytics and network simplification to support QoS, traffic management and scalability. To manage the network complexity of composable infrastructure, the company's new switch solutions utilise groundbreaking SAFE technology. SAFE facilitates virtual storage orchestration by offering greater insight into network flows with per-flow visibility, advanced telemetry and comprehensive diagnostics that identify and resolve network congestion. “Leveraging two decades of field-proven deployments of Prestera technology with more than three billion Ethernet switch ports shipped as well as demonstrated leadership in Ethernet networking and storage technology, Marvell is revolutionising data centre switching,” said Eric Hayes, senior vice president and general manager of the Networking Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “Specifically, our newest Prestera CX solutions incorporate cutting-edge SAFE and FASTER technologies at bandwidths up to 12.8Tbps, unleashing 32 ports of 400Gbps or 256 ports of 50Gbps network throughput. Marvell’s innovations are enabling edge data centres to implement a higher performance network in a smaller footprint, with substantially lower power and cost.” “Marvell’s new switch introduction strengthens the company’s excellent infrastructure semiconductor solutions and delivers on the vision of the optimised modern data centre,” said Bob Wheeler, vice president and principal analyst for networking, The Linley Group. “This new solution from Marvell includes meaningful industry firsts that address the demand for composability of storage and compute functions in edge data centres.”


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