Quick release terminals ideal for safe and rapid connection conditions

13-02-2019 | JPR Electronics | Subs & Systems

JPR Electronics provides a broad range of quick-release terminals from Schützinger. These quick-release terminals offer the perfect connection in any situation where a safe and rapid connection must be performed quickly between a cable, conductor and another device.

Wires are connected to the terminals by pressing on the head of the terminal post and inserting them between the connection jaws where a strong internal compression spring ensures good contact. Versions are available with two apertures as well as shock-proof versions for applications working above protective low voltage levels. Quick release Kelvin four-wire terminals are also offered enabling measurements to be made without errors caused by transition resistance of the measuring leads and any thermovoltages.

These quick release terminals are rated from 5A to 16A and can accommodate panel thicknesses from 0.8mm to 7mm and are provided with options of termination safety shield and 4mm plug connection for converting existing terminals to quick release. Standard colours are green, yellow, blue, brown, white, grey, purple and green-yellow.

Paul Raynor, director of JPR Electronics, comments, “Schützinger quick release terminals are particularly suitable for quick connection and testing of electronic products and electrical appliances as they come off the end of production lines. They can be used for both functional testing and burn-in if required.”

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