Solution offers secure Ethernet-based in-vehicle communication

19-02-2019 | ESCRYPT | Automotive Technologies

ESCRYPT and Marvell are offering a collective solution to secure Ethernet-based in-vehicle communication. The Marvell 88Q5050 automotive secure switch integrates ESCRYPT‘s CycurGATE firewall and intrusion detection system to give an improved level of end-to-end security to the automotive customers.

The Ethernet switch is also offered with the company's integrated intrusion detection system. The system is an embedded security component monitoring in-vehicle communication to detect anomalies, typical intrusion signatures and abuse of diagnostic mechanisms.

“We are excited to partner with ESCRYPT to bring a comprehensive solution for a multi-layered cybersecurity protection for vehicles to not only detect but take rapid action to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants and the surrounding road users,” said Jyotsna Chitri, Sr. Product Manager of Automotive Networking Products, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.

“Together with Marvell, we offer our customers a complete solution to secure in-vehicle Ethernet networks. This solution provides comprehensive protection against unauthorized access and ensures security of onboard communication from the switch – virtually right out of the warehouse,” said ESCRYPT product manager Siddharth Shukla. This is how the Marvell 88Q5050 Ethernet switch with integrated ESCRYPT security functions has already proved itself in large-scale automotive production.

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