Heavy duty clamping saves cost with a high-quality production solution

12-02-2019 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

The Elesa series of heavy duty manual latch and toggle clamps in the MTP and MPB series are enhanced with their PPC pneumatic drive units for push-button or automated operation. A distinct feature of the heavy duty clamps is their in-built flexibility to satisfy work-holding, jig closure etc. by way of their adjustment and weldability for building into workstation equipment. An aspect facilitated by their ease of disassembly/rebuild which advances both installation and maintenance so saving costs while offering a high-quality production solution. The MTP/MTP-D are hook-style quick-release clamps in steel, providing a linear or right-angled pull from 12,000 to 40,000N closing force, while the MPB vertical toggle clamps give closure force from 10,000 to 30,000N. Where manual operation is too slow or possibly multiple repetitive operations are to be avoided, then the PPC pneumatic clamp is an excellent solution offering up to 20,000N.

By Electropages Admin