Audio bus and processor technologies improve energy efficiency and infotainment experience

15-02-2019 | Analog Devices | Automotive Technologies

Analog Devices has announced that BYD Co., Ltd has chosen the company's A2B and SHARC DSP to build more energy efficient and eco-friendly vehicle platforms while improving the immersive audio entertainment encounter for drivers.

The audio bus and DSP technologies will improve the performance of their automotive cabin infotainment systems, giving a better driver experience, decreasing the complexity and cost of design, and increasing fuel/battery efficiency, which is consistent with the company's philosophy of 'technological innovations for a better life'.

“BYD is a highly respected and innovative automotive manufacturer,” said Mark Gill, vice president, Automotive at Analog Devices. “BYD’s use of ADI’s A2B and SHARC processor technologies will enable this automotive leader to offer greater energy efficiency and superior audio sound quality to its customers.”

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