New solar drives converts DC to AC to deliver control of pumps and motors

07-01-2019 | Weg Electronics | Power

WEG has released a new optional kit for its class-leading CFW500 series of variable speed drives (VSDs) that promotes pump motor control through photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The state-of-the-art CFW500 Solar Drive includes a plug-in module to ease set up and installation, complemented by a rich feature set that provides a host of user benefits. The company's compact, energy-saving drive is perfect for the control of centrifugal and submersible motor pumps situated in regions where the power grid is not available or unreliable.

The drive works by converting the DC feed from PV panels, into AC that is capable of serving and controlling the motor pump. Importantly, the new kit has a function providing an automatic start/stop according to the accessible solar energy.

The new drive kit extends the company’s existing range of high-performance VSDs for applications that demand speed and torque control of three-phase induction motors. The VSDs offer sensor-less vector, closed-loop vector or scalar V/f control. Also, the range provides Pump Genius, which supplements dedicated functions for pumping systems, and selectable plug-in modules that give a flexible and optimised solution for any application.

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