New SSD series doubles capacity and delivers industry-leading random read speeds

11-01-2019 | Toshiba | Subs & Systems

Toshiba Memory Europe has introduced the fourth generation of its single package BGA SSD BG4 series. The company’s new line-up of ultra-compact NVMe SSDs installs both the flash and an all-new controller into one package, delivering design flexibility to ultra-thin PC notebooks, embedded systems and server boot in data centres.

“The BGA form factor SSD enables larger amounts of flash to be added to smaller and thinner devices, and extends battery life to improve the mobile experience,” said Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president, Solid State Drives and Enabling Technologies at IDC. “NVMe BGA solutions, such as the new TOSHIBA BG4 series, provide OEMs with a better-than-SATA storage option that boosts demand for client SSD units. In fact, we expect this demand to increase at a 2017-2022 CAGR of 14%.”

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