High accuracy and fast load recovery time on new two-quadrant power supplies

18-01-2019 | Rohde & Schwarz | Power

The new R&S NGL200 power supply series from Rohde?&?Schwarz especially addresses users in the mobile communications and IoT sectors. The single-channel NGL201 and the two-channel NGL202 deliver up to 60W of output power per channel. The output channels are galvanically isolated, floating and protected against overload and short circuits. The power supplies can sink power in a controlled manner, allowing them to simulate the particular characteristics of a battery. This series also sets new criteria with its capacitive touchscreens and large, high-resolution displays. The optimised user interface is particularly intuitive, and temperature-controlled fans assure remarkably quiet operation. Comprehensive safety functions safeguard the DUT and the power supply in the event of a fault.

The power supplies feature linear regulation to provide notably stable output voltages and currents. This provides the right choice for powering sensitive modules and for developing power amplifiers and MMICs.

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