Extended range of gold-plated terminal posts for audio and power connections

23-01-2019 | Cliff Electronics | Subs & Systems

Cliff Electronics designs and manufactures an extensive range of touch-proof Terminal Binding Posts including professional and consumer audio, power supplies, industrial and agricultural vehicle equipment, test and measurement, instrumentation and medical systems. To meet the aesthetic demands of top-end audio applications, the TP60CSG gold plated terminal posts are offered in a clear plastic body with black and red coloured inserts or with solid black or red bodies. Created to accept industry standard 4mm 'banana plugs', they have a 6mm cross hole which receives terminated or bare ended cables and up to six-gauge loudspeaker wire. The terminal posts are rated up to 60A. All of the company's terminal posts offer a castellated knob giving screw-down connection by a screw-driver or coin. They also satisfy UL 813, BS EN 60065 and are UL Approved. Blanking buttons are offered to provide touch-proof safety properties. The terminal posts can also be mounted on industry-standard 24mm XLR panel cut-out customisable recessed socket plates to be integrated into the company's Feedthrough connector rack panels. John Hall, general manager, Cliff Electronics comments: "Terminal posts have almost unlimited applications, we sell 10,000 per month to just one customer and there are over 25,000 tractors in use that are fitted with them. We also have large markets for them in the USA and Asia. We are happy to undertake custom designs to ensure our customers get exactly the connector they require. To complement our terminal post range, we also offer a bespoke test lead product range."

By Electropages Admin