Constant-current RGB LED driver ideal for HMI applications

03-12-2018 | Texas Instruments | Power

In smart homes and other applications that use human-machine-interaction, high-performance RGB LED drivers are needed. LED animation effects such as flashing, breathing and chasing greatly improve user experience, and minimal system noise is essential. The Texas Instruments LP50xx device is an 18 or 24-channel constant current sink LED driver. The device includes integrated colour mixing and brightness control, and pre-configuration simplifies the software coding process. Integrated 12-bit, 29kHz PWM generators for each channel enable smooth, vivid colour for LEDs, and eliminate audible noise. The device is ideal for smart speaker (with voice assistant), smart home appliances, video doorbell, electronic smart lock, smoke and heat detector, STB and DVR, smart router, and handheld device.

By Electropages Admin