8STA connectors and accessories can be modified to meet specific needs

05-12-2018 | Lane Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Lane Motorsport, a division of Lane Electronics, has created a facility where the tiny Souriau 01 8STA connector series can be modified and remodelled to accommodate a customer’s specific application.

According to Lane Motorsport’s Peter Costin, many customers have a particular demand often not met by a standard product. “The need to save weight and space, no matter how small, in a motorsport platform is crucial,” says Peter Costin. “As an example, we can save weight by turning a standard connector into a single flange version using the same high precision machining techniques used by the manufacturer. We can produce custom nut plates or gaskets that match the profile of the modified connector.”

The size 01 8STA connector claims as much as a 20% saving in size and weight over the bigger 02 series. This while confirming the performance advantages including resistance motorsport fluids.

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