Soft-Touch components offer comfort and control

07-12-2018 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

Elesa Soft-Touch technology components offer outstanding comfort and control at the operator’s fingertips for equipment where high performance is crucial, such as fitness, rehab and disability equipment, high precision instruments and tough environments. The soft-touch surface in TPE gives a secure, comfortable grip even under severe conditions of use, such as in the presence of moisture and grease. They improve the comfort for the operator’s hand, enabling absorption of any vibrations during operation, cushioning and preserving the grip, allowing micro-fine adjustment even in situations where fluids are present. These products include lobe handles, mushroom handles, cylindrical lobe handles, fluted grip knobs, knurled handles and spherical revolving handles. The Elecolors program of coloured inserts can match equipment colour schemes or decorative requirements where appropriate. In this way handles for instruments and equipment can take on the manufacturer’s corporate style, and handles for special applications can blend with their environment.

By Electropages Admin