GaN power amplifier is ideal for CW or pulsed applications

12-12-2018 | Analog Devices | Power

Analogue Devices HMC1099 offers a GaN power amplifier covering a 0.01-1.1GHz instantaneous bandwidth. The device is internally prematched to give simple, external tuning for optimised performance over the full operating frequency range. The power amplifier delivers more than 10W broadband power with a typical 18.5dB signal gain and ±0.5dB gain flatness. Running on a supply voltage of 28V with 100mA, the amplifier offers a high saturated output power of 40.5dB.

The amplifier is perfect for CW or pulsed applications. With up to 69% PAE, the amplifier reduces power consumption, lessens self-heating, and increases battery life in portable applications.

Typical applications include extended battery operation for public mobile radios; power amplifier stage for wireless infrastructures; test and measurement equipment, commercial and defence radars, and general-purpose transmitter amplification.

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