Evaluation board gives users a means of evaluating photometric front end

10-12-2018 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices EVAL-ADPD1081Z-PPG Eval Board for ADPD1081 AFE provides users with an easy means of evaluating the ADPD1080/ADPD1081 photometric front end with an optimised discrete optical design for vital signs monitoring applications. The system comprises the Applications Wave tool GUI that presents users with low level and high-level configurability, real-time frequency and time domain analysis, and UDP transfer ability so the evaluation board can easily interface to the user development system.

The device is powered through the ribbon cable from the device's microcontroller board (obtained separately). The evaluation board offers three green LEDs and a 7mm2 PD. The design of the evaluation board is optimised for wrist-based PPG measurements.

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