Automotive OTA technology advanced with differential system

09-11-2018 | Wind River technology | Automotive Technologies

Wind River has released enhancements to Wind River Edge Sync, including differential system technology that allows the smallest differential update when conducting OTA updates. The capability to keep updates minimal decreases distribution time and cost, update transmission time, and memory needed on automotive ECUs. The company’s latest Edge Sync technology has been provided to major automakers.

Efficient differential updates are a crucial functionality essential for a successful, production-grade automotive OTA solution. The management of software over the lifetime of a vehicle has become more crucial to both maintaining system value and as a way of addressing security, and OTA update technology is an important element of this.

“Carmakers are faced with a rapidly evolving and growing impact that software is having to the value of an automobile,” said Marques McCammon, vice president of Automotive at Wind River. “Not only is software driving innovation inside new cars but it is what will help carmakers continue to create new pathways to safe and secure mobility. By supporting carmakers in the management of software over a vehicle’s lifecycle, Wind River is helping them evolve their business to meet changing customer needs more effectively.”

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