Transition-mode PFC controller permits faster response time

21-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments UCC28064A Transition-Mode PFC Controller has higher power ratings than possible previously. This device uses a Natural Interleaving technique. Both channels work as masters (there is no slave channel) synchronised to the same frequency. This approach permits faster response time, excellent phase-to-phase on-time matching, and transition mode operation for each channel.

The device features a burst mode function to produce high light-load efficiency. Burst mode removes the necessity to turn off the PFC during light load operation to satisfy standby power targets. Burst mode removes the requirement for an auxiliary flyback converter when paired with UCC25630x LLC controller and the UCC24624 synchronous rectifier controller.

The device is ideal for HD, U-HD, and LED TV, All-in-One PC, Gaming, Adapter, and Home Audio System applications.

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