Precision delta-sigma modulator optimised for high noise environments

28-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

The Texas Instruments AMC1035 is a precision delta-sigma modulator that operates from a single 3V to 5.5V supply and with an externally supplied clock signal in the range of 9MHz to 21MHz. In Manchester mode, the specified clock range is 9MHz to 11MHz. The differential ±1V input structure of the device is optimised for high noise environments typical for industrial applications.

Select the output bitstream of the device to be Manchester coded to prevent setup and hold time requirement considerations of the receiving device and reduce overall circuit layout efforts. When used with a digital filter to decimate the output bitstream, the device can achieve 16 bits of resolution with a dynamic range of 87dB at a data rate of 82kSPS.

The internal reference source of the device supports ratiometric circuit architecture to minimise the negative impact of the supply voltage variation and temperature drift on the accuracy of the measurement.

The device can also be used for AC power line voltage sensing with a digital isolator and isolated power supply.

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