MCUs excellent for performance-hungry real-time control applications

22-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments TMS320C2834x Delfino MCUs build on company's existing F2833x high-performance floating-point microcontrollers. The C2834x offers up to 300MHz of floating-point performance and has up to 516KB of on-chip RAM. Created for real-time control applications, the device is based on the C28x core, making it code-compatible with all C28x microcontrollers. The low-latency core and on-chip peripherals make the device an ideal option for performance-hungry real-time control applications.

The device is ideal for application in Industrial AC inverter drives, industrial servo amplifiers and controllers, CNC machining, uninterruptible and server power supplies, telecom equipment power, and solar inverters.

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