Line driver amplifier's unique architecture reduces quiescent current

01-11-2018 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments THS6301 Line Driver Amplifier is a single-channel, current-feedback architecture, differential line driver that allows G.Fast and different DSL home gateway systems. The device provides 106MHz and 212MHz G.Fast digital subscriber line profiles that utilise native DMT signals. The device functions with high linearity at an 8dBm line power through 212MHz.

The unique architecture of this device reduces quiescent current while giving very high linearity. Internally-fixed bias settings of the amplifier offer power savings for line-driving modes where the full performance of the amplifier is not required. For additional flexibility and power savings, the overall quiescent current is adaptable by a single external bias resistor attached to one of the device pins. The device also offers two line-termination modes to support impedance matching at very low power consumption.

Typical applications include G.Fast and legacy DSL line drivers, generic wideband line drivers, PLC drivers, and DAC output amplifiers.

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