Low-power board computer for the IoT is equipped with a GPS receiver

30-11-2018 | RS Components | Development Boards

Sony's SPRESENSE is a low-power board computer for the IoT that comes equipped with a GPS receiver and supports high-resolution audio codecs. The board provides for IoT versatility and can be developed for a broad range of uses, such as a drone utilising the GPS and a high-performance processor, a smart speaker using High-Resolution Audio recording and playback as well as the built-in full-digital amplifier, or a low-power time-lapse camera using the camera interface. The device makes the IoT smarter and more efficient. The device provides high-precision positioning features with ultra-low power consumption. Multiple GNSS systems supported including GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, Galileo, and Beidu. The device includes eight channel microphone inputs (for digital microphones), with a full digital amplifier with BTL stereo output, offering extensive computing power with the Hexa-core ARM Cortex-M4F.

By Electropages Admin