Narrow-band IoT module stretches battery life in a small size

13-11-2018 | Murata | Subs & Systems

Murata has released what it believes to be the world’s smallest narrow-band IoT cellular wireless module. The device measures just 15.6mm x 14mm x 2.2mm and is manufactured on a PCB with a metal casing, and is intended for use in compact, battery-powered IoT/IIoT applications. The module combines a HiSilicon Hi2115 single-die wireless SoC device that provides the radio transceiver, baseband and application processor functions. Also, the module hosts a power management IC, DC-DC converter, wireless front-end matching components such as baluns and low pass filters and an RF switch. The HiSilicon Hi2115 comprises an Arm Cortex M0 processor core running at 40MHz and equipped with 64kBytes of SRAM and 256kBytes of Flash that commands module communications using the industrial standard AT command set. The module highlights a comprehensive set of peripheral interface functions including UART, I2C and SPI along with GPIO and an ADC.

The module complies to the NB-IoT 3GPP release 13 narrow-band standard and can work in the low and middle bands.

The low power characteristics of the module make it ideal for use in a broad assortment of small battery powered IoT applications, and it can sustain 10-year battery life.

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