Kits comprise everything needed to create a variety of projects

20-11-2018 | Mouser Electronics | Development Boards

Now available from Mouser are XinaBox xChip Kits that are bundled sets of xCHIPs, created to fast-track a user's experience of XinaBox. Each kit comprises everything required to create a variety of projects, including a Core xChip, xCHIP Interface Module or Bridge, Sensor xChips, Output xChips, xBUS Connectors, and more. Additional xChips can be easily integrated for even more functionality.

The kit is a rapid electronics application design solution for developing, making products, and learning. Without soldering, wiring, breadboarding, or hardware knowledge, a complete working circuit can be constructed in minutes, enabling developers to get straight to coding in the language of their choice.

To design an application, start with a Core xChip and an SBC, such as a Raspberry Pi. Then add a Programming Interface xChip, Power Souce xChip, and Sensor or Output xChips to satisfy the application needs. Individual xChips are easily linked using xBUS connectors (XC10).

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