Environmental sensors feature high accuracy for demanding applications

01-11-2018 | Bourns | Test & Measurement

Bourns has introduced a new line of environmental sensors based on MEMS technology. The first products provided in the BPS line are three pressure sensor model families and one humidity sensor model family. Created for the advanced sensor needs in Industrial Automation, Energy, Building and Home Control, low/medium-risk Medical and defence/aero applications, the line has been created to give high sensitivity and accuracy, long-term reliability, high-temperature capability and harsh media compatibility. The new sensors feature state-of-the-art technologies that give the capability to work in conditions that typically cause many sensors to fail. The BPS110 and BPS120 pressure sensor models provide very accurate ultra-low pressure sensing abilities for sensitive applications. The families provide fully calibrated and compensated output for more efficient processes as well as long-term stability for reliable repeatability.