UnitedSiC – New generation SiC JFETs ideal for circuit protection applications

23-10-2018 | UnitedSiC | Power

UnitedSiC has a new Generation 3 1200V and 650V silicon carbide JFETs, expanding its existing unique portfolio of standalone normally-ON SiC JFETs.

The devices are normally-ON with zero voltage gate drive, which makes them ideal for applications such as very fast action, solid-state circuit breakers and circuit protection where a default to an ON-state is essential in the absence of gate power. The devices are often used in series connection with a Si-MOSFET as robust ‘supercascodes’, giving all the advantages of wide band-gap technology with high operating voltages and easy gate drive. Other applications include electronic loads, wireless charging synchronous rectification and power switches in low power flyback converters where the JFET in a cascode configuration provides for easy startup.

Ideal applications are for circuit protection in rail, electric aircraft and traction, as well as high voltage switching power conversion.

“UnitedSiC’s SiC JFETs offer unbeatable system value when you need normally-ON, super robust devices,” said Anup Bhalla, VP Engineering at UnitedSiC. “The need for circuit protection is growing in tandem with the continuing advancement of power electronics. Very fast acting circuit breakers can simplify power circuitry in rail traction, ships and increasingly electronic aircraft, and SiC JFETs are the simplest, most efficient option for current limiting in these types of applications.”

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