SoC significantly improves device reliability

09-10-2018 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments 66AK2G1x KeyStone II SoC addresses applications that demand both DSP and Arm performance, with the integration of high-speed peripherals and memory interfaces. This SoC also incorporates hardware acceleration for network and cryptography functions and high-level operating systems support. The device allows both the DSP and Arm cores to master all memory and peripherals in the system. This architecture aids maximum software flexibility where either DSP or Arm-centric system designs can be achieved.

The device improves device reliability by extensively implementing error correction code in processor cores, embedded memory in modules, shared memory, and external memory interfaces. A full analysis of soft error rate and power-on-hours shows that the designated device parts meet an extensive range of industrial and automotive requirements.

Typical applications include industrial communications and controls, automotive audio amplifiers, home audio, professional audio, power protection, and other embedded systems

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