Innovative hybrid connectors replace three individual components

05-10-2018 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TTI Europe is now offering OMNIMATE hybrid connectors from Weidmüller. The components remove the need for three individual components and three separate operations into one - with the signal contacts combined directly in the power connector, the pluggable cable shielding and the one-handed safety lock. Hybrid cables give the connection between frequency convertors or servo controllers and the motor itself. Before, to connect the cable, three plug-in connectors were needed: a signal connector for capturing the motor feedback, a power connector for the motor connection and shielding to shield data traffic from electromagnetic disturbance.

The connectors consolidate all three connectors in an application-specific way ending in an innovative and complete solution. The products allow simultaneous, safe and 'blind' connection of power and signal cabling as well as the shielding. Typical examples are the pluggable shielding or one-handed safety interlock with automatic snapping into place. The integration of these functions allows intuitive and tool-free operation, as well as permanent secure contact, even under difficult installation conditions. The hybrid connectors satisfy touch-safe protection according to IEC (UL) 61800-5-1 of 3 or 5.5 mm. The devices are offered as an option with openable and adjustable 'pushers' and contact points.

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