Durable bearingless encoders save space

19-10-2018 | Baumer | Subs & Systems

Baumer claims to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of encoders and sensors. The company's range now includes Bearingless Encoders which, as well as being extremely durable for the most demanding environments, are a perfect solution for limited space applications. They offer space-saving, short mounting depth and wear-free magnetic sensing technology. The devices are available in incremental and absolute variants.

The incremental option (MDFK/ITDx0/MIR) is designed for shafts up to 740mm and offer square wave and SinCos signals with up to 524 288 pulses and up to 32 769 sine periods. The absolute variants (HDmag MHAD/MHAP/MAGRES EAM) are for shorter shafts up to 340mm and provide SSI, CANopen, analog interface with single-turn resolution up to 17 bits. They also highlight further square wave or SinCos signals and redundant product variants.

Applications for both variants of these bearingless encoders are found in textiles manufacturing, motor feedback, printing and paper machinery, elevators, cranes, wind turbines, hydropower stations and large drives used in steel mills. ENDS

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