Bluetooth audio solution delivers excellent user experience to earbuds

25-09-2018 | Cypress | Subs & Systems

Cypress Semiconductor offers a new solution for Bluetooth audio that delivers leading-edge performance to wireless earbuds and hearables. Based on the new WASS application and the CYW20721 Bluetooth and BLE Audio MCU, the solution gives robust connections for differentiated performance in wireless earbuds. The solution highlights a link budget that is claimed to be 6dB better than competing solutions, resulting in up to twice the range. The extended range allows superior cross-body performance, providing users with uninterrupted audio on their earbuds with their smart device in their back-pocket or on their wrist. The solution operates at nearly 50% lower power consumption than competing solutions, allowing twice the playback time or the usage of smaller batteries in sleeker form-factors.

The WASS application is offered in the company’s WICED Pro SDK, the latest version of its all-inclusive kit that provides developers with a turnkey solution to get products to market quickly.

“Stereo synchronisation has proven to be a difficult challenge in Bluetooth earbuds, as even the slightest connection loss can result in a frustrating user experience,” said Brian Bedrosian, vice president of marketing for the IoT Business Unit at Cypress. “Cypress has solved this problem with our WASS solution, which uses the industry’s best connectivity scheme to deliver a flawless user experience. Our lead customers are ecstatic about the performance they’re getting and we believe consumers will be too when their earbuds deliver a wire-free and high-fidelity audio experience this holiday season.”

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